A basilisk’s stare turns men into stone, just as man’s actions in the past set the future in stone.

You awake in a cryopod, one in a small pocket of survivors awoken aboard a massive spacecraft, The Basilisk. Across its immeasurable length lay a city, devoid of its populace and housing a TITAN-esque artifact of unknown origin, described on an engraving only as N.O.R.N.

Orbiting the Kuiper Belt beyond the Solar System’s planets, it would take an immeasurable period of time to return to civilization. Details of The Basilisk’s mission remain sketchy, and an indefinite amount of time had passed. Only the Mesh network aboard the The Basilisk was operable, and no communique could be established with civilization. The crew of The Basilisk unravel the mysteries behind their ship, and the inevitable fate that awaits them at the end.

Enter the dark age of the deterministic future where your fate, your quantum destiny, is a mere computation away from being decoded.

Game System: Eclipse Phase
Character starting CP: 1000
House Rules: No Psi, No gangnam style

Basilisk: Encoded Fate

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